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Types of IV Therapy We Offer

Hang Over Therapy

An IV treatment with added electrolytes or vitamin can address all of the symptoms of hangover, including headache, nausea, trouble concentrating, delayed reaction time or sensitivity to light or loud noises.

Hang Over Therapy: $125

Bella Rejuvenation IV Therapy

Myers IV Bag

This is a popular vitamin bag that can help combat chronic fatigue, boost immune system, help relieve muscle weakness and approve overall mood, decreasing depression/anxiety. This bag is also used after acute illness like stomach virus, covid, sinusitis.

The Myers IV Bag has B complex, B12, magnesium, zinc, Glutathione Vitamin C is provided, if requested, which improves immunity, skin/hair health, reduces redness and wrinkles of skin, serves as a detox and increases energy.

Myers IV Bag: $100
Myers IV Bag with Vitamin C: $150

Bella Rejuvenation IV Therapy

Additional Types of IV Therapy

Energy IV Bag

This IV is used to replace vitamin B which helps with energy and improve metabolism

Beauty IV Bag

This IV is used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin health and radiance of your skin

Migraine Treatment

Myers infusion bag with added medication to help relieve an acute migraine headache

Performance IV Bag

Contains Rgene and is used to improve muscle fatigue and improve energy

Additional Services

Lipoject Injections

Improves energy and metabolism; can be given weekly

Botox Therapy

Botox therapy for wrinkles
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